HVAC Adhesives and coatings

DEU COAT 30-36
(Canvas cloth coating)
Deu coat 30-36 is synthetic resin dased coating designed to provide an sealing and fastening coating for thermal insulation. DEU Coat 30 – 36 dries to provide a tough abrasion resistant washable film that provide an effective water vapour barrier and prevent fungus growth.

(Anti fungal Lagging Adhesive Coating)
Deu coat 30-36 AF is specially formulated anti-fungal water based adhesive and coating for bonding and coating canvas cloth or other lagging jackets over thermal insulation and suitable for use in mild growth, and protect the insulation from discoloring or deteriorating effects. 30-36 AF is a non flammable in wet state and fire retardant when dry 30-36 AF has the same qualities and results if the standard 30-36 with the features of indoor / outdoor use and excellent fungus resistance.

(Duct Glue for fiber glass insulation)
Duct glue 81-10 is a inflammable one component adhesive based on Synthetic rubber. Designed for use with an mineral wool as suct wrap to the Interior and exterior of air conditioning Duct.

(Anti bacterial Duct Acrylic Sealant)
DEUSEAL is aqua based vapor barrier sealant for low, medium and high pressure of high velocity – metal, fiberglass and flexible heating and air conditioning air ducts.