We operate at the leading edge of surface coatings & construction chemicals technology, providing customers with quality products often designed specifically to meet their individual needs.

Through the combination of superior high-quality products, advanced knowledge, precise technical assistance, and unparalleled customer service, DUBAI ADHESIVE, is able to meet client requirements and provide effective solutions to the construction market and building industry.

We are determined to achieve our goal through total quality management, globally associated supply houses, highly qualified experts and quality service.

Eco-friendly products

The Dubai Adhesive manufacturing plant, run by an expert production team, ensures a continuous control over the production process and therefore the constant quality of the products offered.

All incoming raw materials are subjected to systematic quality control by our Q.C department while end products are also tested. This is an essential means of ensuring our high standards are met and confirms the validity of the company’s choices and strategies, rewarding the reliability and expertise it has acquired.

Our products are manufactured under the Green Building concept making them environmentally friendly.

Research & Development

Not only does DUBAI ADHESIVE MAT. FACTORY LLC pinpoint R & D projects to meet highly specific customer needs, but we strive to be at the forefront in anticipating industry developments and providing best-value solutions. Partnerships with our customers contribute to both their success and their customers’ success.

The factory’s research & development testing facilities incorporate the latest equipment and methods along with stringent quality control to provide products manufactured with the best quality standards.

Our overall goal is to become our customers preferred supplier through quality products backed up by the highest level of service. We strive to create an environment where we are the supplier of choice within the construction industry.

We at DUBAI ADHESIVE MAT. FACTORY LLC believe that a product is perfect only when applied properly and for this reason reiterate the importance of educating applicators with our technically qualified staff.

Dubai Adhesive is committed to manufacturing environmentally responsible products. Under this philosophy, Dubai Adhesive continuously searches for ways to reduce emissions released in the environment and promoting sustainability. The changes undergone by the building materials trading and construction industry over a period of years have been perhaps more far-reaching than in other sectors. These ongoing changes have led to appropriate investments and resources in the research and development of new products that are a natural interface to the entire production line, confirming and guaranteeing the quality of products conceived to meet the requests of a market undergoing a continuous transformation.

The careful interpretation and early knowledge of customers’ needs and expectations have thus determined an expansion in the products we offer.

The wide range of Dubai Adhesive products all share the same common commercial philosophy: the successful combination of quality, workability, efficiency, and value added with the desired final results.

The reputable quality of our products and services is scrutinized to ensure seamless integration and total customer satisfaction which surpasses the most challenging expectations.

Our sales staff and technical team support the selection, planning, deployment, and application of our products, resulting in enhancement of cost-effectiveness.

DUBAI ADHESIVE MAT. FACTORY LLC subscribes to the best practices so that new ideas are constantly introduced and shared. New products and improved versions of already successful products are regularly commercialized. We support value-creating, critical thinking, and development.

Internal and external training programs keep our staff’s skills and knowledge up to date.

Quality Products

DUBAI ADHESIVE MAT. FACTORY LLC believes in working hand in hand with leading consultants and construction authorities to satisfy the construction requirements by bringing advanced solutions with the perfect balance of a cost-benefit ratio.

Dubai Adhesive is defined by its company history which covers Three decades of continuous development producing high-quality products and services aiming towards total customer satisfaction.